Lithiated Sorghum, medication

Lithium (Metal*),***,
Lithium Acetate*,
Lithium Acetylides are important in the synthesis of vitamin A.
Lithium Acetylsalicylate**,
Lithium Amide**,
Lithium Aluminum Hydride*,

Lithium Benzoate*, Lubricant for compressing tablets.
Lithium Bitartrate**,
Lithium Borate**, used in enamals.

Lithium Borohydride*,
Lithium Bromide (LiBr)***   LiBr is used as a sedative and hypnotic. LiBr & LiCl are the two most hygroscopic materials known and is used in air conditioning and industrial drying systems.

Lithium Bitartrate**,
Lithium Borate**,

Lithium Carbonate (Li2CO3)** is an antirheumatic and antilithic (kidney stones) agent, also used in the treatment of depression, hypomanic & manic phases of bipolar affective disorders and in making ceramics.  One gram dissolves in 140 milliliters (ml) of water.  Insoluble in alcohol.  Perscription forms are; Carbolith, Duralith, Eskalith, Lithane, Lithicarb, Lithizine, Lithobid, Lithonate, Lithotans & Priadel.

Lithium Carbide (Li2C2),.

Lithium Chloride (LiCl) is used in manic psychosis, cardiac output studies and welding fluxes and was the historical source of lithium in lithiated beverages.  LiCl & LiBr are the two most hygroscopic materials known and is used in air conditioning and industrial drying systems.  About 100 times more soluble than Li2CO3.  Used in soft drinks and water.  One gram dissolves in 1.3 ml of cold water.  Soluble in alcohol.

Lithium Chromate*, corrosion inhibitor.

Lithium Citrate a diuretic and antirheumatic also used in the treatment of manic psychosis, used in soft drinks.  Lithium Citrate syrup for medicinal use is more common in the UK than the US.  One gram disolves in 1.5 ml of cold water.  Slightly soluble in alcohol.  Perscription form is “Cibalith-S” with 5ml equal to 300 mg lithium carbonate. “Sal Lithii Citratis Effervescens, NF” aan effervescent Salt of Lithium Citrate … this preparation contains 5% lithium
citrate … it is used as an antilithic and diuretic.****

Lithium Dichromate**,

Lithium Fluoride (LiF)*** is a welding flux for aluminum and used in ceramics.  Lithium fluoride prisms are used in inra-red spectrophotometers and thermoluminescent dosimetry .  Would this be better used than hydrofluoric acid in treating public water supplies?

Lithium Formate**,

Lithium Hydride* is used as a nuclear reactor coolant and as a desiccant.  As a hydrogen generator, one gram in water releases 2.8 liters of hydrogen.

Lithium Hydroxide (LiOH) removes carbon dioxide from a spacecraft’s atmosphere.  Used in batteries, photographic developers, and production of soaps, greases and sulfonates.

Lithium Hydrangea Fresh hydrangea was ground and mixed with benzo-salicylate of lithium. Elixir. Hydrangeae et Lithii. NF**** Each fluidrachm of this elixir represents 24 grains of hydrangea and 1.5 grains each of lithium benzoate and salicylate … dose one to four fluidrachms (4-15cc).

Lithium Hydroxide Monohydrate (LiOH-H2O)***

Lithium Hypochlorite (35% available Chlorine) is a water purifier used for vinyl lined swimming pools.  Less expensive calcium hypochlorite bleach (65% available chlorine), used for “shocking” cement or white vinyl lined pools will fade colored vinyl liners.

Lithium Iodate**,
Lithium Iodide**, used in photography.

Lithium Metaborate*,
Lithium Methoxide*,
Lithium Molybdate*,

Lithium Nitride, (Li3N), black.
Lithium Nitrate*,

Lithium Orotate (made with orotic acid, a B vitamin) is an organic soluble form of Lithium for which claims are now being made that only 1/5 of the amount of LiCl is needed for medical treatment. (

Lithium Orthophosphate*,
Lithium Oxlate**,

Lithium Oxide (Li2O), From a current MSDS Hazard information sheet: “To the best of our knowledge the chemical, physical, and toxicological properties of Lithium Oxide have not been thoroughly investigated and reported.”  Once “lithia” was renamed “lithium”, the term “Lithia” was used represent the compound Lithia Oxide (di lithium mono oxide) or Li20.  It is also misused to refer to the form Li2O2 (lithium peroxide) which also might have been called
`lithium ozone’.  Lithium Oxide is very soluble in water, forming a hydroxide and was used by the White Rock Mineral Spring Company to make Lithia Water from 1887 to 1909.  Readily absorbs CO2 and water from the atmosphere.

Lithium Perchlorate**, oxidizing agent.
Lithium Phosphate*,***

Lithium Rubidium Tetracyanoplatinate**, more strongly flourscent in x-rays than other compounds.

Lithium Selenate**, poisonous.
Lithium Selenite**,
Lithium Silicate**, used to calibrate thermoelements.
Lithium Stearate (stearic acid is a wax like animal fatty acid) is an all purpose, high temperature lubricant.

Lithium Sulfate* medicinal.
Lithium Sulfate Monohydrate***.

Lithium Tartrate**,
Lithium Tetracynanoplatinate**, used in x-ray photography.
Lithium Thiocyanate**,

Lithium Urate**

Compound Elixir of Manaca
Elixir Manacae Composition.NF****, Each fluidrachm of this elixir represents 9.5 grains of manaca and 13 grains of combined salicyllats (sodium, potassium, and lithium).  It is intended for cases of rheumatism … dose one fliudrachm (4cc).

Potassium Bromide Compound
Sal Potassii Bromidi Effervescens Composition.NF****, Compound effervescent salt of Potassium Bromide contains 0.8% caffine, 8.3% potassium bromide, and 4.2% lithium carbonate and citric and tartaric acids … dosage one to three drachms (4-11 grams)

Syrup of Bromides (Five).
Syrupus Bromidorum NF**** or Elixir Br Omidorum Quinque NF (Elixir of Five Bromides). It is made from potassium, sodium, ammonium, calcium, and lithium bromides, tincture of vanilla, compound tincture of cudbear, compound syrup of sarsaparilla. Dose is one fluiddrachm (4cc) used as a nerve sedative.

(*) Lithium compounds from the American FMC Corp Lithium. FMC also
produces a number of more complex compounds.

(**) The Merck Index. Encyclopedia of Chemicals and Drugs, 1968

(***) In China, TQMMM produces Lithium Compounds.

(****) from The National Formulary, USD 21st Edition, 1926.

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